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Caney Fork River

The Caney Fork River is definitely one of Middle Tennessee’s natural treasures. The section of the river operated by Canoe the Caney is a beautiful, relaxing class 1, scenic river. The Caney Fork River is a river that flows through central Tennessee in the United States, draining a substantial portion of the southwestern Cumberland Plateau and southeastern Highland Rim regions.

It is a major tributary of the Cumberland River, and is part of the Cumberland, Ohio and Mississippi basins. The water being released into the river from Center Hill Lake reservoir at Center Hill Dam, is the part of the Caney Fork where we offer canoe rentals, ensures that the river is constant , meaning it’s year round accessible, and is always cool, clear and inviting.

River Trips

Happy Hollow Scenic
6 Mile Trip to Happy Hollow
Duration: 1.5 – 3 Hours (depending on water release)
Call for times and availability – 615-673-1112

Betty’s Island Train Bridge
9 Mile Trip to Betty’s Island
Duration: 3-5 Hours
Call for times and availability – 615-673-1112

Stonewall Historic Day Trip
15 Mile Trip to Stonewall Bridge
Duration: 6-8 Hours
Call for times and availability – 615-673-1112

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